Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Catching up on some Zzz

ZBrush that is. Seems like there is never enough time.

My friend Gaurav Mathur came up with the idea to learn some 3D apps together. The apps were Modo or ZBrush. We chose ZBrush. We would help each other with tips and techniques from our own projects. What a great idea!

My first attempt will be to model a 3D Moon - a classic cheese moon. (As we all know, the moon is made of cheese.) It's a re-visit - again - from my little ghost project found here.

I never finished it, so I wanted to finish the roof and possibly add more detail to the house. I also wanted to redo the lighting and make the moon more interesting. Here is a render of the lighting changes:

I've already updated the roof, and the next step is to tackle the moon. . .

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