Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mouse Detective

Hey I'm back. This time I have a story.

So I am doing a sequel to the Georgie and the Robbers Story (by Robert Bright). I'm not going to make any money off it, and its a tribute to Georgie, so I hope its OK.

Alright, I won't make it a sequel, but it can stand on its own and maybe the ghost will be named Gus. There.

The first scene starts with an evening shot on an old country road. In the foreground is a mouse. I started out by referencing the small secondary characters in the story. A mouse, an owl, and a rabbit, and I might ad a crow. So I looked to the Georgie book for inspiration. Not great, so then I googled mouse cartoon. There were so many styles. I ended going back to Georgie and the Robbers:

Next stage was modeling. This was going to befun! I had trouble with the legs. I didn't finish the arms yet. I started thinking that I should model him on all fours. Here is my progress:

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Urchinator said...

Contests on moving forward! Very cute!